Operating characteristics and methods of pulverizer
2021-04-07 10:06:59

1. The crusher should be fixed on the cement foundation for fixed operation. If the work place is changed frequently, the shredder and the motor should be installed on a base made of angle iron. If the crusher is powered by a diesel engine, the power of the two should be matched, that is, the power of the diesel engine is slightly greater than the power of the crusher, and the pulley grooves of the two are consistent. The outer ends of the pulleys must be on the same plane.

2. Before starting, you must check whether the connecting bolts of all parts of the unit are tight, whether the tightness of the transmission belt is appropriate, and whether the power cord is good. Whether the motor shaft and the shredder shaft are parallel.

3. Check whether the hammer piece is good, whether the hole diameter of the sieve piece is suitable, and whether there is damage. Drag the belt by hand to check whether the main shaft rotates flexibly, and whether there is any card, bump and friction.

4. After turning on the machine, let the equipment idle for 2-3 minutes, check whether the rotor is turned correctly and whether the sound is normal. It can only work after rotating smoothly at the rated speed.

5. Pay attention to the operation of the crusher at any time during work, and the feeding should be uniform to prevent blocking of the stuffy car, and do not work overload for a long time. If vibration, noise, excessive temperature of the bearing and the body, or external spraying are found, stop the machine immediately and check the fault before continuing the work.

6. The crushed materials should be carefully inspected, and no foreign bodies such as stones and metals may be mixed to avoid damaging the machine.

7. When the machine is running, the operator must not leave the unit or disassemble the machine during operation to observe the working conditions in the crushing room. The maintenance tools must not be placed on the machine or the packing.

8. Operators should not wear gloves. In the event of blockage, it is strictly forbidden to put their hands into the stuffing bucket. When feeding, they should stand on the side of the grinder to prevent the debris from hurting the face.

9. Do not stop the machine immediately after the work. It should be idled for 2-3 minutes to allow the material in the machine to be completely discharged. Cleaning and maintenance should be performed after shutdown.

10. Hammer blades are the main wearing parts. After wear, no matter whether the angles are changed in the same direction or the angles are changed, the entire set of hammers must be replaced at the same time. When replacing new hammers, the entire set of hammers must be replaced at the same time. Trade in the new. The sieve is also a wearing part. If part of the sieve is damaged, it can be riveted. If it is severely damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

11. After 300 hours of shredder operation, clean the bearings and change the oil. When stopping for a long time, remove the belt.