Are the grains milled by the grain mill still nutritious?
2021-04-07 10:09:23

With the improvement of modern people's living standards, people's awareness of health has gradually strengthened. They all know that they should eat more grains. However, many office workers find it too troublesome to cook a bowl of grains and cereals every day. Nowadays, large supermarkets are basically equipped with grain-milled shops, which grind grains to eat, and the aroma is delicious. People seem to think that the grains are convenient and beneficial, especially for the office workers in the morning. It can't be too convenient. For white-collar workers who don't have time to make breakfast, it is a good way to grind grits into powder and drink it. However, many people have raised questions about whether the nutrients in the grains will be lost after the grinding.

First, raw grains are hard to be digested when they are eaten into powder. They must be cooked. The correct way to eat multigrain flour is to bake it in the oven, then grind it into flour, and then prepare it with boiling water. Whether this method loses nutrients depends mainly on the baking process, which has a relatively small relationship with the powdering and paste process. Powdering is only a physical process, and nutrients are not lost in a short period of time. After brewing, if the actual temperature does not exceed 80 ° C, it will not cause serious loss of nutrients.

During the roasting process of the whole grains, due to prolonged heating, the utilization rate of protein may be reduced, and amino acids such as lysine may be lost. However, how much is lost depends on the temperature and time of the roast. The higher the temperature, the longer the time, the browner the brown color and the greater the nutrition loss. However, the roasting time and temperature are insufficient, and the cereals cannot be fully cooked, and the nutrients cannot be fully digested and absorbed after the paste is prepared.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, said that there are actually many things that powder products need to control. Whether the baking temperature is appropriate, how much acrylamide is produced, what is the vitamin preservation rate, how high is the protein digestibility, and how quickly the blood sugar rises after eating, more research is needed. Because it is not a pre-packaged food, and it does not have a nutritional content table, grains and cereals need to be protected from moisture.

In other words, after the coarse grains are pulverized, the storage time will be greatly shortened. Because these foods contain trace amounts of fat, the area of contact with oxygen in the air increases after being pulverized, which makes oxidation very easy. After oxidation, not only the nutritional value is reduced, but also substances that promote aging are produced. Therefore, once the whole grains are powdered, they should be eaten quickly. It is suggested that you can buy a household flour mill, which is now ground for better results.